• Sold By: Good Wood

    Kids Scandi Desk

    Sold By: Good Wood

    The Scandi Kids Desk is two in one:

    1 – A fun and functional Desk and Chair for youngsters. Completely child-proof from destruction. Food safe, water resistant and a child’s favourite set to eat, read, do homework, play from etc..

    2 – A sleek and stylish Scandinavian Side Table. Both Desk and Chair retract into a single unit that can fit into any home.


    Available in 6 colours:

    1. Black
    2. Samovar Grey
    3. Lily Pink
    4. Pristine Blue
    5. Granny Apple Green
    6. Clown Fish Orange
    UGX 315,000
    Sold By: Good Wood

    Kids Scandi Desk

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