“Atakola talya” Watercolour painting

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“Atakola talya”
The painting title is a luganda saying insinuating that “he who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat” .
The painting shows how a former Ordinary taxi driver turned his vehicle into a chicken house to rare chicken for sale after having anticipations of a future long lockdown with no work to do to feed his family .
This Watercolour painting featurs in Ntonna’s “Ordinary People” Watercolour Series that visually tell subtle stories about how “we” the Ordinary people have managed to fight the covid 19 pandemic and lived with it on our own to make our lives better and for our children..The artist got inspirations of the painted subject matter during his first lockdown of 2020 in his home district, Kakumiro.
●●Prints from A4 to A2 are available at Ugh.180.000
●●The original works are A5 @ Ugx. 280.000 The small size was because during the time of his paintings, the paper was in scarcity and therefore had to maximize the little Watercolour paper he had since the artist wasn’t sure when the stores would be open again..
Thank you for stopping by the Art Park..??hope to have business interactions with us..
Art on top and God above all✌

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"Atakola talya" Watercolour painting

UGX 180,000UGX 250,000 (-28%)

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